Learn How To Use A Data Model System That Saves Time And Money

Within a project, a business model, or any major planning development, there are multiple pieces of valuable data requiring our attention and organisation. Many businesses find it a challenge to identify all of the important individual pieces of data requiring attention, but this is a vital part of the development process.

To design a system that works, we have to first be able to recognise all of the elements involved. Take a look at our video to see how you can save time and money by identifying and organising these important data points.

Video Transcript:

Using a Data Model when Creating a System

Again, this is a pretty simple one. The first three are pretty easy warm up methods. The third one is what is the data that exists for each thing? In engineering we would call them entities. What is the data model system we’re going to need for each thing? The reason it’s good to think about this is, you just save yourself a bit of money. Every developer is going to ask you these questions. We have to know this. If you can come pre-armed, then you’re in front.

We can just do this in a word processor and spreadsheet. It’s a pretty simple thing. It just saves a bit of time.

Let me give you an example. Our curry ordering system has staff, they have first names, last names, emails and passwords. And it has menus. The menu items have a title, they have a description and they have a price. All of your systems can be thought of this way. These are really simple things you can do.

So, before you spend your project budget hiring a developer, make sure you know how to bring your concepts and design together, identifying the elements involved so they aren’t left out of the process. Every process and piece of information needs to be given a place, role and identification in order for a developer to design a complete system for your business.

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