Patroclus is a fund administration software provider. They needed a new platform built for their cornerstone client, a global investment management firm, which would allow their client (the fund manager) to track the value of their global equity holdings and client investments. The platform would be accessed by both the fund manager and their clients, with specific permissions segregating the data to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Clients of the fund manager accessed the platform to observe the performance of their investments and deposit or withdraw funds over time.

The Challenge

Technology for funds management is demanding, with high expectations for security, legal compliance and mathematical precision. 

We took over the project from a previous development firm. Patroclus made the supplier switch at a point of high frustration. They came to us looking for a firm with strong communication skills and the capacity to understand the broader platform requirements, not simply execute individual development tasks. 

Our Approach

Early on we worked hard to both gain an understanding of the core mechanics of the fund administration platform and to refactor (e.g. tidy up) various aspects of the platform. 

We discovered and removed significant portions of repetitive or redundant code which made both development and testing easier. We also built out a broad series of automated tests to ensure the accuracy of the platform. 

Through the project we developed a close working relationship with the Patroclus staff and evolved our processes from the early delivery of large, fixed features to a more agile approach as trust was built. 

The Results

We joke that a “boring launch is a good launch” and with Patroclus we had a boring launch. We released a set of significant upgrades without outage or defect. The updated platform is accurate, fast and scalable.  

This has given Patroclus the freedom to focus on what matters most, to service the needs of their clients.

Interested to Learn More About Patroclus?

The Patroclus funds administration platform removes the need for costly service providers and gives visibility back to fund managers.

Patroclus allows fund managers to in-house their operations via a self-managed funds administration software platform.

Learn more about Patroclus funds management software.

I just wanted to share a quick note and say thanks for your work with Patroclus. I’m glad we made the switch to Alliance – you’ve done great work!

We believe the software platform is industry-leading and our clients have given us excellent feedback. Alliance has achieved our strict compliance, security, accuracy, and scalability requirements.

Lawrence Lam – Director, Patroclus
100x scalable architecture
90% reduction in manual effort

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