A True Partnership

Leaving behind the security of their professional careers, Amanda and Tania were confident that they had identified a real problem in the childcare industry, which was in need of a dynamic and considered solution. The plan was to build a new to market solution to address market needs, so they knew that they needed an agile developer who would work in concert with their vision. They were in search of a digital partner, and that’s when we were introduced.

Amanda & Tania were full of energy but were clearly troubled by their experience. We set them back on a path that would take the risk out of it

- Ben Stickland - Managing Director, Alliance Software

To market to learn

Amanda and Tania had the initial idea of targeting Kindergartens assuming that they needed it most. To make sure that we had the right ideas for the solution and weren’t wasting valuable dollars or time we created a clickable prototype that they could take out to kindergartens.

The interest on the offering was very mild, but by chance they also shared it with child care centres who quickly gravitated to it. They learnt child care centres were their ideal customer and pivoted to focus on them exclusively.

Who’s looking after the kids?

The old processes saw child care centre managers spend a ludicrous amount of time managing wait lists, dealing with allocations, chasing payments and preferences. On the surface this seems like something easy to handle, but with an average of 150+ children per centre and the need to juggle a range of preferences of days, times, siblings and optimising for occupancy, it was a real burden for those who really just wanted to get back to looking after the children.

Design is about collaboration

Our design team iterated the platform’s design. Amanda and Tania took a real hands on approach, meaning in our brainstorming sessions we could build on top of one another’s ideas.

Amanda & Tania were very handy at sharing their ideas with sketches. This made the process smoother and much more enjoyable.

- Luke Burrows - Lead Designer, Alliance Software

Setup quick smart

As with any startup it is important that new users can pick up the software with minimal fuss. With a new centre sign up we designed onboarding processes to ensure setup can be easily personalised for new centres so these centres can see the benefits straight away.

Our annual re-enrolment process has been a breeze, and not to mention the waiting list feature, which literally runs itself… Our centre is running at full capacity with the help of EnrolNow.

- Amanda and Tahnee - Little Paddington Child Care and Kindergarten

The details matter

Designing the smarts of Dexter achieves a better user experience, but it is also more challenging. To make sure users always felt in control our design team focused on making sure they were guided on the smallest details.

There were lots of small workflows and dependencies that needed to be designed. For example when a child drops out of care there are notifications needed and replacement children are automatically suggested.

Special attention was paid to screens developed for parents who may have little to no technical experience, so it was critical we ensured they had all the information they needed to make decisions about their children’s care.

200kPreferences managed

Key Features

All of these features automate the necessary but mundane tasks, really streamlining things for managers.

Rules based allocation

Centres can setup priority rules to allocate children to time slots and rooms using a complex array of rules to get the best results

Automatic parent reminders

Notifications and reminders about payments, renewals and waiting list statuses are automatically sent to parents.

CRM & Waitlisting

The care preferences of prospective parents are captured to automatically organise waiting lists.

Bulk uploads

Migrating from different systems is made quicker with import and mapping features.

Parent Forms

Parents can set their child’s preferences, change care days and pay their child-care fees online thanks to integrations with Stripe.

Forward Planning

Allocating for the next year is a critical step. The occupancy of different programs are visualised and editable with drag and drop.

See for yourself.

EnrolNow, Australia’s leading Childcare Waitlist Software is up and running.


Since going live EnrolNow has been very well received. With their first customers under their belt they have gained the attention of large child care centre networks and are looking into other system integrations to make child care centre managers' lives even easier.

We love Alliance. They brought our product to life! They were collaborative, transparent, responsive and friendly so we felt in control of our project

Amanda Read - Co-founder, EnrolNow

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