ItsMy Group is a full service health insurance & financial services comparison business. They needed a long term software partner to develop and support their comparison platforms.

The Challenge

ItsMy Group’s key requirements were:

  • Complex Product Comparison

    The ItsMy Group comparison software filters, compares & ranks thousands of complex insurance products from a range of insurers. This analysis is completed in just a few seconds and identifies a shortlist of products best suited to each customer’s requirements.
  • Partner Integrations & Data Importing

    The platform needs to regularly perform large scale imports of government data and to integrate directly with over a dozen health insurance funds, multiple CRMs and telephony software.

    ItsMy Group’s health insurance partners use a variety of software platforms and each structure their data differently.
  • Long Term Partner

    They needed a stable technology partner willing to gain a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of health insurance.

Our Approach

We’ve had an evolving relationship with the ItsMy Group for many years including a number of larger development projects, smaller feature development under an agile model, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

The Results

The ItsMy Group continues to thrive in a highly competitive market, forming key industry partnerships along the way. We’re proud to have a strong trust relationship with our client, participating in key meetings and often feeling like an extended member of their business.

Happy to say we’ve enjoyed a quality long-term partnership with Alliance Software. They’re technically very strong and easy to work with.

The ItsMy Group has evolved a lot during our time together. Alliance has helped us design key parts of our platforms and been flexible in how we work together.

Gerald Brown – CEO, ItsMy Group

10+ 3rd party API integrations
12k+ applications processed

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